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Enraged By The News That ENHYPEN Sunoo Will Not Appear In An Upcoming Japanese Music Video, ENGENEs

Sunoo, an ENHYPEN member, will not be seen in the group’s upcoming Japanese music video, it was recently revealed. ENGENEs reacted angrily to the announcement and BELIFT Lab. For all the information, keep reading.

ENHYPEN Sunoo won’t appear in an upcoming Japanese music video.
BELIFT Lab posted a statement to ENHYPEN’s Weverse account on October 3. The claim relates to Sunoo’s involvement in their first studio album for a Japanese audience, “Sadame.

Trainee’s Status Following Departure from HYBE Labels Japan
The music video for “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic) [Japanese Ver.]” was shot while Sunoo was recuperating from a medical condition. BELIFT Lab kindly requests that fans excuse Sunoo’s absence from the music video and behind-the-scenes material.

They did, however, claim that Sunoo took part in the concept photo shoot. He will also take part in the Japanese promotions that will happen after the album is released.

ENGENEs Angry After Learning ENHYPEN Sunoo Won’t Take Part in Upcoming MV

Many people expressed dissatisfaction with the business after it was revealed that Sunoo would not take part in the upcoming Japanese music video for ENHYPEN.

Some people thought Sunoo could have been accommodated by moving the music video to a later time. People believe that a one-week delay won’t have a negative impact on their comeback schedule and that fans would understand if Sunoo’s album release was slightly postponed.

Others were sympathetic to Sunoo’s decision not to participate in the music videos’ dance sequences. People think Sunoo could have shot for individual scenes, though, so he would still appear in the music video.

Solo shoots can be filmed fairly quickly, easily, and with little set-up. ENGENEs think the company could have chosen this path rather than completely excluding Sunoo because solo scenes are easier to film than dance scenes.

BELIFT Lab is silent in the face of criticism.

On October 26, the Japanese studio album “Sadame ()” by ENHYPEN will be made available. Ten songs will be included on the album, including Japanese renditions of “”Future Perfect,” “Blessed-Cursed,” and “Polaroid Love” ” There will also be the original Japanese songs “Always,” “Forgive Me Not,” and “Make the Change.”

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