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‘Expensive’ BTS RM’s airport outfit: 116 million won from head to toe

RM of BTS flaunted his expensive airport attire.
On the September 14 episode of Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS SHOW,’ BTS RM placed fourth in the “Best” rating of K-pop. The frontman of BTS garnered attention by transforming the scheduled departure route into a fashion show with his elegant and costly airport attire.

In September of last year, RM wore a modest and comfy gray training ensemble, although the hoodies and pants were from the luxury brand L.

The slippers of RM cost 131 million won. The price of his bag is 4.27 million won, while the pouch is 1.62 million won. Two bags alone are priced at 5.98 million won. In addition, RM’s watch is from the luxury brand P and is estimated to cost a staggering 106 million won.

According to reports, RM’s airport attire on this day cost a total of 116 million won from head to toe.

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