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Fans Are Alarmed By Reports Of Jisoo From BLACKPINK Having A Tumor On Her Neck.

Jisoo of BLACKPINK alarmed fans lately when she was sighted with what appeared to be a tumor on her neck.

Isn’t this a tumor on Jisoo’s neck?, the post’s author asked in reference to several images of Jisoo from BLACKPINK, adding, “She should go to the hospital for a biopsy. It could be a mild fibroid, but it could also be a malignant tumor. Anyway, it keeps getting bigger, and it’ll disappear if

she gets surgery.”

Online commenters said:

“This is not a major issue. Not to worry. Things like this tend to form when you’re weary, so it will probably disappear once she takes a nap. My own was examined at the hospital, and they claimed it was fine and had just swollen.”

“It is a lymph node, and when you are exhausted or not in excellent health, it swells. She’s undoubtedly having a good time getting her health examined.”

She most likely previously visited the hospital after hearing about it from someone.

Is this authentic, or has it been edited?

“It appears as though her lymph nodes have simply enlarged.”

“They did schedule their tour too tightly. They must be all so worn out.”

“I had this as well last winter, but it went away after taking medicine.”

She indeed has a bump there, thus she was likely the first to notice it and get it examined.

“She simply needs surgery for that. It’s an easy procedure.”

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