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Fans Are Moved By Kim Chaewon Of LE SSERAFIM’s Sweet Remarks To A Fan Who Is Depressed And Insecure.

The leader of LE SSERAFIM, Kim Chaewon, touched many fans on social media sites and in online forums with words he wrote for a fan on Weverse.Kim Chaewon was spotted reacting to a fan who appeared to be experiencing melancholy and feelings of inadequacy sometime last month.The reader wrote: “It’s been a terrible day for me. Today, I made a mistake. I’m angry with myself. Even the desire to live has left me. How are you guys doing?”Kim Chaewon’s statement began by quoting Steve Maraboli, who said, “We all make mistakes, face challenges, and occasionally look back on our history with regret. However, you are not your mistakes or your challenges, and you have the ability to influence your day and your future right now.”The star additionally wrote in Korean, “It’s alright. Good job, you. Everyone errs occasionally. By committing errors, we gain knowledge. I commit countless errors. We still require life, though. We must live if we’re to encounter one another. Don’t you want to know when our new record will be released? It will not be a joke, I promise.”Many online users related to the remarks made by the fan and the LE SSERAFIM member and said,”I’ve also had periods of extreme sadness, during which I simply held on until the release of my favorite artist’s subsequent album. When I consider how that time was lost, it still hurts me.”
“Yes, that sort of thing really helps when you’re depressed. When I went through a similar phase, I just continued anticipating the release of the new season of my favorite show, and eventually things started to get better.”
“I’ll live positively so I can support you for your next comeback also. I’m curious about your next album as well.”
“For fans, anticipating the upcoming return, the upcoming episode, or the upcoming volume is what keeps us alive.”
I’m also holding on like this, TT.
“TT, this is both sad and moving.”
“She has a very positive outlook on life. She has my respect for that.”
She is incredibly sensitive and compassionate.
“Wow, I remember when that happened to me. I lived with the attitude that I would “just survive until the next comeback” or “just live until the next show”

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