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Fans Are Taken A Back Thoat MONSTA X’s I.M, Who Left Starship Entertainment, Continues To Reside In The Brand’s Hostel.

The MONSTA X team is nothing if not devoted!

I.M, a member of MONSTA X, recently stunned many online users by continuing to live in the group’s common dorm with his other members despite no longer being a Starship Entertainment artist.

Members Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, and Jooheon agreed to renew their contracts with Starship Entertainment in August of this year. Starship promised fans that I.M will still be involved in MONSTA X events even though he has chosen to break ways with the label in terms of management activities.

And it appears that I.M is still residing in the group dorm with his hyungs despite having parted ways with Starship Entertainment!

At a comeback fan signing session last month, Kihyun said to the crowd: “Do you realize why I consider Changkyun (I.M) to be such a blessing? He never fails to compliment me on my performance when I get home from my appointments by saying, “Good work today, hyung.” He bids me farewell in the morning as I depart for my appointments. I’m always greeted by Changkyun. Never fails. Don’t you think I have the best members?”

The boys are still having a great time viewing “Transit Love” in their dorm, in fact.


“With Changkyun, I exercised today.
He significantly gained weight. I must follow suit.
We talked about “Transit Love” while we were eating lunch, so let’s do better (me).
However, I won’t tell you what we said.
BamBam has the best luck.
He is allowed to see it first.

“I watched “Transit Love” till the scene where the new woman entered.
The remainder I haven’t seen.
Changkyun and Hyungwon.
They appear to be seated in the panel even though they are virtually through the screen.
They are enamored with that program.”

Internet users responded with remarks like,

“Wow, they still reside in the same residence hall? And the dormitory is funded by the business?”
“They were in the same car that I observed them riding in. I occasionally fail to remember that I.M. is not in Starship.”
I have never seen an idol perform this before.
Wow, and he doesn’t seem at all uncomfortable about it?
Most likely because he still receives reimbursement for his expenses through group marketing, which the agency continues to profit from.
“This is really neat. That clearly indicates that he does not have a negative relationship with the business.”
“Changkyun’s terrible wallpaper led me to believe that he intended to leave the hostel. What the heck is he doing there still?”
“They appear to be best friends and really close.”
I also want to discuss “Transit Love,” kekekekeke.

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