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Fans Claim That Shuhua’s Fancam From (G)I-DLE Is Legendary.

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Shuhua’s fancam, according to admirers, is legendary.
Fans claim that Shuhua of (G)I-fancam DLE’s on YouTube is legendary.

On October 17th, (G)I-DLE made a triumphant return with their fifth mini-album, “I Love.” The girls performed at the “M Count Down” on October 20 as a promotional event, and Shuhua’s fancam from that day is very popular.

Shuhua’s blonde fancam, according to a post made by a netizen, is legendary. Other internet users joined in to express their views, saying: “I can certainly understand why Shuhua received numerous roles in this comeback. Her dancing and facial expressions are absolutely captivating.”

She excels at emphasizing the choreography with strong emotions.

“Although I’m not a fan, I believe that this is Shuhua’s time period. She has gorgeous blonde hair.”

“The live singing of our Shuhua has also greatly improved! She is the best in this era.”

“This song seems to have been written especially for Shuhua. accentuates her charms the most”

“I had no idea she could dance this beautifully and well

“She was very distinctive in a positive way. This idea really brings out her beauty.”

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