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Fans say BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s new moniker is perfect because it was given to her by a 5-year-old.

What would the K-Pop stars’ nicknames be if they were given by kids?

One 5-year-old child gave BLACKPINK’s Jennie a new nickname in a YouTube video where 5-6 year old kids were asked various questions regarding K-Pop idols!

Can you choose your favorite person and give them a nickname? The kids were given a collection of photos of various K-Pop idols.

The youngster selected Jennie’s image and stated, “Hachu-ping. She has Hachu-appearance.” ping’s

You ask, “What the heck is a “Hachu-ping”?”

It’s a member of the wildly successful Korean children’s cartoon series “Catch! Teenieping”!

In actuality, though, it’s not just any figure. The biggest game of all is collecting every single one of the adorable and tiny “Teenieping” characters. At the moment, “Catch! Teenieping” is referred to as the “president” of all young children in Korea. And “Hachu-ping” is one of the most well-known “Teeniepings”!
When the small child compared Jennie to “Hachu-ping,” fans responded with remarks like,

“One of the most attractive and well-liked “Tennieping” characters, as well as a K-Pop idol. Kekekekeke It’s perfect.”
Wow, Jennie is K-“Hachu-ping” Pop’s kekekeke.
That is the nicest compliment a 5-year-old can give you, lol.
OMG I recognize the parallels, kekekeke.
“It’s ideal! Kids are always truthful!”
Both Jennie and Hachu-ping are adorable, TT.
This only demonstrated that Jennie is the most well-liked person everywhere she goes.
“She chose Jennie and remarked that she resembles Hachu-ping kekekekeke. In essence, that is the same as stating Jennie is the most attractive kekekeke.”
Children never lie, exactly.
What do you think of Hachu-ping, Jennie’s new moniker?

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