‘Oh, The Name Is Meaningful And Amazing’ Knetz Reat To LE-SSERAFIM’s Official Fandom Name

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Oh, the name is meaningful and amazing

2. Huh, well built, it has a meaning, and Le Seraphim-Pieris-Piernat suits him well.

3. and well done! Le Seraphim is coming back in September, so I’m looking forward to it!

4. Oh, good idea and pretty.

5. The video pronunciation is awesome.

6. I want to bloom too, I didn’t know the members’ union well at first, but now that I see it, it’s so appropriate and good haha

7. The fandom name is really well made, Le Seraphim Pieris Bloom, the meanings are all connected, and ‘Pim’ and ‘Fina’ are also used in Korean. There is Sakura Kazuha in the group, which means cherry blossoms and leaves, so the name of the union is Petals.

8. Among the girl groups that have been active lately, the group name is the most stylish and pretty. The fandom name is also good.

9. Wow, it was really well built, I don’t think I’ll ever forget it in the future.

10. I thought of this as soon as I saw the name.. Haha, Korean is pretty.


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