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“Finally, It Suits Him Well” BTS Jin Becomes Jin Ramen’s Model, Knetz React

BTS Jin becomes ‘Jin Ramen’ model

BTS Jin’s ‘Jin Ramen’ commercial to be released on the 11th

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Congratulations to our Seokjin

2. I’m glad Seokjin is doing everything he wants to do

3. He’s finally shooting a solo commercial

4. I will only eat ‘Jin Ramen’ from now on

5. Well, we finally see BTS’ individual commercials

6. I will only eat ‘Jin Ramen’ in the future

7. It suits him so well

8. I’ll go buy ‘Jin Ramen’ Jin said that he really wanted to shoot the ‘Jin Ramen’ commercial, and his wish came true!

9. Now I only eat ‘Jin Ramen’

10. He finally became model for ‘Jin Ramen’


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