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“Flower Path For You” Lee Naeun Returns To SNS After Two Years, Knetz React

Naeun, a former April member, recently made her first Instagram update in two years.

Naeun delighted her admirers on February 18th by posting on Instagram for the first time in two years. She updated her profile photo but left the caption blank.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Still upset that she lost out on ‘Taxi Driver’

2. Pyo Yejin was way better for the role
3. Pyo Yejin was too good. In comparison, Lee Naeun’s acting looked pretty bad, and I never thought of her as a bad actor before that

4. I remember she was wrongfully accused

5. But hasn’t there been nothing clarified still?

6. I wish her nothing but a flower path 🌸

7. Hard to call her a bully considering how the victim’s story didn’t really check out either…

8. Flower path for you

9. Naeun fighting thank you for coming back 💗

10. It seems like she was wrongfully accused so it’s great that she’s coming back but… I think the main obstacle will be whether her acting’s improved at all.


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