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Following The Itaewon Tragedy, Actress Lee Young Ae Offers To Cover The Cost Of The Body’s Transportation To Russia.

A young Russian victim of the Itaewon disaster is being transported home with the help of actress Lee Young Ae.

Prior to that, Park Juliana (25), the father of one of the recent victims, spoke candidly with the media about the enormous expense of returning his late daughter’s remains to their native country. The nearly $5,000 USD cost of the transportation was too much for Park’s father, who works in a nursing facility.

The Korea Welfare Foundation for the Disabled, where Lee Young Ae is presently serving as chair of the Culture and Arts advisory committee, has been informed of Lee Young Ae’s intentions to pay for the transportation of Park’s body after learning of the father’s troubles.

The burial expenses for the international victims of the Itaewon disaster are now being discussed by the foreign affairs ministries of several nations. 26 of the 156 victims, who came from 14 different nations, were foreigners.

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