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Former AOA Kwon Mina Claims To Have Fallen Victim To A Blackmail Scam, [Knetz]

Kwon Mina, a former member of AOA, recently revealed in an interview on February 20, 2023, that she had fallen victim to a hoax. She told Channel A News that she was a part-time employee of an anonymous chat when she was defrauded.

Mina began her employment on February 6 because it was a “high-paying” position. She was required to enter a chat room with men as part of the employment, and she was expected to make money by accepting “points” as gifts in the chat that could be exchanged for cash. Mina requested that her points be exchanged after receiving points worth roughly $8,000,000 KRW (about $6,180 USD) in cash. Yet instead of processing the fees, they had demanded that she pay more cash. As part of the conditions for conversion, she had to go through 6 rounds of additional payments in order to “improve her grade.”

Furthermore, they threatened her with the images of her legs that she had posted in the chat room after learning that she was a former idol. In addition to Kwon Mina, there are further victims, and the authorities are looking into the situation. According to reports, Mina consented to the interview so that there wouldn’t be any more victims.

Previously, Mina had acknowledged on social media that she had fallen prey to the talking job hoax. She asserted that she had lost roughly 50.0 million KRW, or about $38,600 USD.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She’s also to blame for trying to make easy money by sending pictures of her legs

2. The fact that she believed she was actually going to make 8 million won a day for just chatting with people…

3. Find strength, I’m sure better days will come… She spent all her life training to be a singer so she has no idea how the real world works. It’s good that she felt brave enough to come forward so that more people don’t fall victim to these scams.

4. You’re still young and pretty so get the help you need and stand back up~ you’ll realize after a good sleep that this was all nothing in the end. I hope the people around her are helping her out because she seems very unstable every time we see her.

5. It’s good that she felt brave enough to report the scammer but I hope that this is an opportunity for her to realize that there’s no “normal” job out there that promises this kind of money!!!

6. The fact that she actually believed she was making 8 million won a day for chatting is already rotten

7. The way she talks, the way she looks… she’s not all there

8. She’s lucky she’s even remotely famous enough for police to care and investigate this

9. She really gets into the most, tsk tsk

10. Can she please just stop and live a normal life… I feel bad for her


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