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“Funny, BIGBANG In An Old Fashioned Photo” 2022 YouTube Music Korea Streaming Artists Ranking, Knetz React

IU 485M

BTS – 365M

Lim Young Woong – 358M

4. IVE – 311M


(G)I-DLE – 273M


Taeyeon – 218M



Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s true that Ive is very popular, but since she released 3 albums this year, her ranking is high, IU is overclassed, and TWICE’s songs released this year aren’t good. Are you listening to a lot of previous songs?

2. UI Is a hero

3. Conclusion: IU BTS and IVE are the top 3

4. The truth is that the female idol generation has changed

5. IVE debuted late last year, but they’re amazing

6. For reference, IU didn’t make a comeback in 2022

7. Is IVE the one top of the 4th generation?

8. The real IU is really amazing by herself, not just a top star or a group.

9. It funny that BIGBANG was alone in an old-fashioned photo

10. IU release an album this year?


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