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G-Dragon And Lee Soo-hyuk (real time) Date Photos Trend, Knetz Discuss

Live Photos and G-Dragon and Lee Soo-hyuk on a date at an art gallery got a lot of reactions from Knetizens, many are happy to see them together


It seems like we’re stuck together 5 days a week these days

. We went on a date together yesterday too, but Lee Soo-hyuk’s clothes are the same??

I guess Hyuksoo didn’t come home yesterday????^____^

This is yesterday’s cafe date photo
(they also took a lot of photos of the fans)

They both wear couple sunglasses♡

GD’s sighting photos keep uploading in real time..

I wore a GD Miu Miu top, it’s absolutely

Big Bang GD G-Dragon Lee Soo-hyuk Kwon Ji-yong

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You two have a good chemistry

2. GD is on a date as long as you’re with someone..? Are you just kidding me about dating? Last time, why are there so many jokes about dating Jenny?

3. Seems like everyone is watching GD except me these days…? I envy muggles

4. It’s nice to see the two of you getting along.

5. Why is Lee Soo-hyuk’s clothes the same as the day before? Haha been at GD’s house..?

6. No, look at the smile… He really succeeded and Jiyong builds a country with his laughter

7. GD is rather that tall, so he looks more like Kwon Ji-yong ㅋㅋ He has a boyish beauty

8. Lee Soo-hyuk is also very handsome.


10. The two of them spent half of our lives together.


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