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G-Dragon Posted About IVE Jang Won-young On Instagram, Knetz Gossip

Knetizens are reacting about how GD posted IVE Jang Won-young On his Instagram page, they are doubting if its actually her…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Where is Wonyoung?

2. Okay great, it’s really Wonyoung

3. It ‘s so cute. That sticker is so cute, it’s just shiny

4. I thought it was like a sticker celebrity, but it turned out to be Wonyoung

5. Did he do this himself?

6. It’s Wonyoung
7. Who’s that blonde girl on the left? She looks like a foreigner, I’m not sure..
8. No but why? Is this real? I thought you were joking
9. Ah fuck, I was like “where is she?” and kept on looking for her
10. He probably looked up Miu Miu stickers and decorated it himself GD is cute❤️ as expected, Wonyo is the first thing that comes up when you search Miu Miu

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