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G-Dragon Posted Itaewon Disaster On Instagram, Knetz React

Knetizens Reactions:

1. GD has a deep connection with Itaewon, so he must have been surprised because he knows how well that alley is

2. Can GD’s antis live normal lives? They are more like mentally retarded people who are more obsessed with GD than anyone else…

3. GD’s antis are crazy, Seriously, you guys are the weirdest

4. Growing up in Itaewon and living in Itaewon for most of his life, GD must have been surprised

5. Why are there kids downvote this?

6. He has been living in Itaewon for a long time, his heart must feel bad

7. I think it’s really scary that these psychopaths write malicious comments even under posts like this

8. Other celebrities are struggling to tie it up even if there is only a close battle with Itaewon, but it’s pitiful that he is trying to upload it somehow

9. Can GD soldiers live a normal life??? More like those with mental disabilities who can’t get past the GD than anyone else…

10. These guys are funny. They curse at people’s tribute to stories, and GD did a good job posting them.


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