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Get Answers From J.Fla, A Huge Influencer And Singer-Songwriter!

With her pre-release single “Bedroom Singer,” J.Fla is prepared to break into the singing and songwriting world.

J.Fla, a solo performer who has amassed nearly 18 million YouTube subscribers through her cover song videos, is prepared to showcase her talents as a singer-songwriter. Although many people only know J.Fla as a well-known cover singer, she began her career as a songwriter for Sony Music Publishing Japan, where she produced songs and wrote lyrics before launching her own YouTube channel. She took part in numerous recording sessions throughout her career as a songwriter. Her alluring voice caught the attention of many management firms, and as a result, she made her debut as a singer in Korea.

She encountered a reality that was very different from what she had anticipated during her singing career, and she lacked enough opportunities. She eventually had to find her bedroom as a place where she could sing her songs. J.Fla gained confidence from the supportive comments that her fans sent her, despite the fact that there was no stage and no audience when she posted her YouTube cover song videos. Her YouTube channel, which has amassed 17.6 million subscribers over the course of its long career and numerous endeavors, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

J.Fla started GOODSEN ENTERTAINMENT in Korea with a producer she had been working with since the beginning of her music career, left a British label she had been with for a while, and gathered her coworkers who were at the heart of the K-POP industry. She then immersed herself in the process of making her full-length album.

The ten songs chosen from the 20 she created during this process, all of which were written and composed by J.Fla and sung in English, will appear on her upcoming full-length album. Since her fans come from all over the world, it may not come as much of a surprise that all the songs are in English, but doing so also shows that she is willing to take on new challenges and begin her music career in the United States as a singer-songwriter rather than just a cover singer.

The first track to be revealed from the ten songs on the full-length album, “Bedroom Singer,” was made available as a pre-single on October 7, 2022. There is no doubt that this song perfectly fits with the current J.Fla because it has a strong impact and expresses the emotions she felt while singing in her bedroom for the past ten years. Following the release of her first pre-single, she will release two more songs in November and December before releasing the full-length album at the end of January 2023.

J.Fla is about to embark on a new challenge in order to fulfill her aspirational goal of proudly being listed on Billboard with her original songs. She is prepared to proceed cautiously and give her full attention to her work.


J.Fla will participate in a Q&A session with allkpop, and we’ll pick the best questions submitted by our readers. Please post any comments or questions below.

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