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‘Glad You Found Peace’ Actor Whose Life Was Almost Wrecked By Too Much Attention As A Child. Knetizens Discuss

Yuya Yagira starring in Koreeda’s ‘Nobody Knows’ At the age of 14, he became the first Japanese and the youngest actor to win Best Actor in Cannes history. The title of the youngest actor in history has not yet been broken.

Attended the first day of the Cannes Film Festival. I was going to take an exam at school because it was an exam period, but I wasn’t there when the award was announced. Director Koreeda won the Best Actor Award by proxy. At that time, Choi Min-sik was also nominated for Best Actor for his role in Old Boy, but he said in an interview: “I acted with a brilliant technique, but That friend’s acting was just the character itself. It gave me a deep understanding.” Impressions of Quentin Tarantino, the judge at the time “I’ve seen a lot of films at the Cannes Film Festival, but the only thing that stands out in my memory is Yuya Yagira’s expression.” Looking at the two interviews above, I think you can feel what the reaction was to Yuya Yagira at the time. Naturally, it became a hot topic in Japan for the birth of a rare genius.

No one knows what she looked like when she auditioned, 12 years old at the time No one knew,
but it was her first audition after joining the agency, and she was selected as the lead role at her first audition

After that, I continued to work on projects such as Boy from the Star and Bandage Club. He said that he felt a lot of pressure at a young age, probably because people around him had higher expectations after winning the Cannes Award for Best Actor. He said he was a suspicious genius child actor at the scene, and he was so scared because he directly felt the atmosphere that he wasn’t as good as he had hoped.

Although it ended with an incident caused by taking more of the tranquilizer prescribed by the doctor than usual, I started to suffer from severe depression that made this happen. Because of stress, I eat more than 8 meals a day, and my weight increases rapidly. I felt skeptical about working in the entertainment industry from a young age, so I sometimes work part-time at a car wash or restaurant.

Photos of the time when I gained weight rapidly Due to these things, my work activities were also slow, but

suddenly the marriage announcements were delayed .At this time I was 20 years old The public opinion was worried about getting married at an early age…

My wife and I have been dating for 4 years since high school. Contrary to what people feared, Yagi started to find stability after getting married.

After marriage, I found stability and started working again. He succeeded in making a comeback by getting good reviews and high topics in both movies and dramas. Right now, he is doing well as a lead actor to the point where there is no lack even if he hears the sound of his second heyday. Above all, he has good acting evaluations because he can digest any character well.

This was taken directly when I found the sub-national in the movie Dawning

Comments left by Director Koreeda on a broadcast featuring Yuya Yagira as a guess “After winning a big award when I was that young (watching him struggling) for a while, I didn’t want to see him, and I felt a huge sense of responsibility. I also want to work with Yuya, but when we meet again, if we don’t make a work that goes beyond ‘Nobody Knows’, both Yuya and I are ashamed. That’s why we don’t offer it yet.” Yagira shed tears upon hearing this It wasn’t just that he was in the spotlight, it was because he was the youngest actor to win the Cannes Film Festival. It’s a case that collapsed due to the expectations of the people around him, but seeing him successfully recovering and doing well again makes me feel proud of myself as an actor.

Ending with cute Yagira Yuya who is shy when he sees himself as a child

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Really good acting, absorb and act as if you were that person

2. There are cases where the expectations around them are rather poisonous ㅜㅜ It’s usually difficult even for family and relatives, but if that person was Japanese, everyone would have done it ㅜㅜ

3. No one knows it ‘s a real masterpiece People were very worried about getting married

4. The eyes and the atmosphere in this photo are really great..Is the eyes innate or can you see the soul of that person

5. Wow, even now, when I was a kid, I was really uniquely handsome. I think you know what I was talking about with just a picture like that.

6. I’ve seen so many people who couldn’t get over it and had their lives ruined, but I’m so glad that this person is really acting and seems to be living well. . So toxic and disgusting. Humans, who have never reached their peak in their lives, keep ruining other people’s lives…

7. I think the eyes are really just like the eyes of an actor.. The whole face is good-looking

8. I really enjoyed watching in Nobody Knows, but I didn’t know there was such a story. I’m glad I met a good person and got married early.

9. No one knows I saw this movie by chance a few years ago, but it became a movie that I will remember for a long time. I saw this and watched it until I became a father. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out
Yuya. It was a difficult time, but I’m glad it worked out again ㅠㅜ

10. I’m glad you’re doing well again..


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