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“Goes Well With NewJeans Image” Knetizens React To Lami’s Selfie Instagram Update

Knetz are reacting to Lami selfie update on Instagram….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Lami seems to go well with the image of New Jeans…

2. She’s really pretty, Lami is really pretty even if she’s a beginner

3. It’s the opposite. They say she was prettier when she was younger, but she’s still so pretty I can’t even imagine how much prettier she would have been if she continued to take care of herself

4. Lami dimples were good, she’s pretty

5. Did you do the makeup yourself? well done

6. I wish I had a few more pictures

7. But somehow, I think the real thing is much prettier than a selfie anyway, so pretty

8. She’s pretty, but she’s pretty when she was a baby


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