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Goo Hara Started The Assault On Me. Choi Jong-Beom Boastfully Asserted

The late Goo Hara of the well-known girl group KARA’s ex-boyfriend Choi Jong-beom did not appear to fully own up to all of his mistakes. For the deceased, who is watching from above, as well as her grieving family, it probably won’t go away.
The bereaved family of Goo Hara recently sued Choi Jong-beom for compensation. The Seoul Northern District Court’s Civil Affairs Division 9 recently ruled in their favor, ordering Choi Jong-beom to pay the bereaved family a total of 78 million won. Choi Jong-beom, however, objected and filed an appeal.

As a result of Choi Jong-threats beom’s and coercion, Goo Hara’s grieving family claimed in a 100 million won alimony lawsuit that “Goo Hara suffered severe mental pain and ultimately passed away.” He threatened Gu Ha-ra by taking advantage of the severe sexual embarrassment she would experience. Goo Hara had gone through a lot of mental pain along with her grieving family. The court ruled in favor of the bereaved family, saying that he must make up for the psychological harm they have endured.

In September 2018, a case involving bilateral assault marked the beginning of the conflict between the late Goo Hara, her family, and Choi Jong-beom. Choi Jong-beom reported to the police alleging injury, showing the wound, and saying he was assaulted by Goo. This case was initially known as the Goo Hara assault case. When they were unable to control their emotions, they got into a physical altercation, but closer examination revealed that Choi Jong-beom had also previously assaulted and sent abusive messages. As a result, the case quickly grew larger.

After a police summons, both were ultimately turned over to the prosecution. The deceased complained after the video threat issue came to light in October 2018. When the perpetrator finally acknowledged himself in the video, the straightforward case of dating violence was upgraded to a sex crime.Following Goo Hara’s additional complaint, police immediately conducted a vehicle and workplace raid on Choi Jong-beom, established a task force with the criminal department, and broadened their investigation. In January 2019, Choi Jong-beom was charged by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office without being placed in custody.

Choi Jong-beom was eventually given a trial date and appeared before the Supreme Court, where he was given a 2020 prison term of one year. He was not found guilty of filming without permission, which was related to Choi Jong-“Revenge beom’s Porn” controversy. Koo Hae-in, the deceased’s biological brother, stated to Star News at the time: “I respect and accept the Supreme Court’s decision because it is a separate concept to endure implied consent and pain in a relationship.

In the first trial, Choi Jong-beom reportedly said, “It is true that I committed illegal acts, but in the course of arguing with the decedent, the decedent first assaulted and injured my face, which accidentally made me commit illegal acts.” He further asserted that his level of illegality was minimal, that he had not threatened or coerced Goo into sharing their sex videos, that he had only ever threatened Goo once, and that there had been no further requests for money or valuables or for the distribution of additional videos.

Choi Jong-beom was allegedly dating the deceased at the time, and as their relationship ended, they hurt Goo Hara. This information was provided to the court at the time. He declared, “I will not let her live as a celebrity,” before threatening to inform the media about their sex tape. He also invited acquaintances from the entertainment industry and members of her agency, asking them to bow before him. It was clear from this passage alone that he threatened to use the videos, regardless of whether they had been illegally recorded.

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