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“Good Arrangement” Kim Jae Hwan Sang Yim Jae Beom’s ‘Confession’, Knetizens React

Knetizens are reacting to Kim Jae Hwan song ‘Confession’, the sound was good with good arrangement too.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The stage is really haunting haha It wouldn’t have been easy to sing a confession song

2. Originally, Jaehwan is good at singing, but it seems to have a deeper sense of depth and his skills. I really like it

3. How do you save confession like this? Wow

4. Rolling is crazy

5. Oh that’s really cool; There was nothing wrong with confession….

6. Really good, good arrangement

7. You did a good job bluntly

8. Oh, it’s perfect.

9. I think you sing better than when you listened to it a few years ago, it’s cool

10. Kim Jaehwan is also good. He is one of the singers I would like to meet and release a good song. Sometimes when a sound source comes out, I listen to it once.


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