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Haha, Byul’s youngest daughter has a rare condition. She appears to be in excellent health, making me question when she was ill.

Byul, a singer, disclosed the health improvement of her youngest child.
On October 10th, Byul wrote on Instagram, “The warm hearts you sent in the comments… I’m grateful. One by one, I read. I got stronger. Song is becoming healthier every day, as you can see. I now genuinely wonder when she become ill.

“What type of amazing strength can the tiny comfort you give someone lift that person up?” she said. We probably don’t know. I’ll continue to live by returning the love and comfort I was given.

Byul is seen in the picture walking while holding Song, her youngest child. Song’s radiant grin makes her surroundings more cheerful.

Byul married the singer Haha in the meanwhile. They have one daughter and two sons. Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a rare ailment, was recently discovered to be afflicting Song’s youngest daughter, which elicited sympathy. Lower body muscles may become weakened or paralyzed in Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Byul’s complete post

My Song… I get healed when I look at her

The warm hearts you sent in the comments… Thank you. I read one by one. I gained strength. As you can see, Song is getting healthier day by day. To the point that I wonder when she was sick.

What kind of great strength can the little consolation you give to someone raise that person up? I guess we don’t know. I’ll live by giving back… the comfort and love I received!!

The people who are reading this post. I hope my heart reaches someone who needs comfort… Be a little happier today.

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