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Han Ji Hyun’s Latest K-drama, “Penthouse,” Received Mixed REVIEWS And Ratings.

After the huge hit “Penthouse,” Han Ji Hyun’s return is experiencing a decline in viewership.
Many of the young stars in the wildly successful K-drama “Penthouse,” which ran for an incredible 3 seasons, saw an increase in popularity. Various “Penthouse” actors and actresses find themselves landing leading roles and in renowned fashion magazines despite having little-known names and playing mostly supporting characters. As evidenced by Choi Ye Bin’s underwhelming performance in “It’s Beautiful Now” and Kim Young Dae’s low ratings for “Shooting Stars,” it appears that this popularity may be waning a bit since “Penthouse” ended. The SBS K-drama “Cheer Up,” which is Han Ji Hyun’s latest endeavor, appears to have continued the trend.

In particular, the viewership for the “Cheer Up” pilot episode was only 2.3% despite airing on a major television network. This percentage would then decline to 2.1% in episode 2, which is significantly less than “The Law Cafe,” a show directed by the same person, which had ratings of about 6%. Many online users think this is because “Cheer Up” lacks well-known actors like Lee Seung Gi and Lee Se Young of “The Law Cafe,” according to this theory.

However, fans of “Cheer Up” have nothing but praise for Han Ji Hyun’s comeback. They thought the actress did a great job of changing from a haughty rich kid to a driven student who strives to keep her positive attitude despite having to deal with many challenges.

Here are a few remarks made by internet users:

There are only 2 episodes so far, but the chemistry between the characters is so nice to watch. I think things will get darker in the later half and can’t wait to see what will come in the future!
The first episode really surpassed my expectations. I do wish they would quickly resolve the love triangle though
I love love love love the first episode!
All of the cast

On the other hand, Do Hae Yi, a student at Yeonhee University, is the subject of “Room 27.” She prioritizes work over education because she comes from a low-income family, but after she joined the Teyia cheerleading squad, which has been around for 50 years, her outlook on life changed. Do Hae Yi soon discovered various joys in life as she interacted with other Teiya members, despite joining only for financial gain, and there is also a bloody mystery waiting to happen.

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