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‘Handsomeness Is Universal’, Knetz Argue If BTS V’s Gorgeous Face Fit The Americans?

Knetizens are praising BTS V good look saying it is international not for only Korea


V Is a handsome face even for Americans? Of course, in Korea, he is handsome, and he has a face that is eaten in America, so it must be popular, right? I thought that America has clowns, thick lips, and slightly different standards of beauty from Korea. Zendaya is also said to be a very popular face in America, but I didn’t know. But V must have a handsome face wherever he goes in the world?

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Knetizens Reactions:

1. Americans say that V’s face is perfectly symmetrical, the golden ratio

2. Handsomeness is universal

3. V took first place this year as the sexiest man in the world

4. There may be people who say you are handsome when you look at their faces, but it’s really rude to flirt with fans here. There are so many things to say

5. I really don’t know; It’s just plain; Is he bulletproof or something? Even the standards of true beauty are completely different from generation to generation…

6. V has a good ratio of heaven and hell

7. It’s mysterious. looks.

8. Yes, it’s great. It’s popular in America too. V

9. It looks so attractive. East and West beauty coexist

10. In the US, it was posted in real time that V suits the role of the male lead in Twilight.


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