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“He Can Digest Any Kind Of Clothes” Knetz React To TXT Yeonjun Photos That Is Going Viral

Knetizens are praising TXT Yeonjun look that went viral at Diesel Event

Knetizens Reactions:

1. His proportions are so good, even his body line is so pretty… He can digest any kind of clothes

2. His phone camera pictures were legendary, please give him hair down more often, he’s crazy

3. Wow, he’s so handsome, look at his leg length

4. Wow, both visuals and body are art

5. The visual director of that event said that she’s a fan of Yeonjun and really likes him

6. It definitely suits the head covering

7. Is he like BTS Jimin? He looks a bit like him

8. I’m nervous for a position like that, but he’s really good, especially his face..

9. He’s handsome, his face is small

10. The real look and the physical are good-looking to my taste


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