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“He has a lot of Tatoos” Knetizens Discuss BTS Jimin Tatoos

Knetz are discussing BTS Jimin tattoos, they look good on him


Proud time behind the ear, BTS engraved this anthology album fan song ‘For Youth’ before it came out

Behind the arm young FOREVER

When Jimin was in the most difficult slump, Young Forever overcame the slump by watching the video of the group singing.

Sperms on wrist 13

Jimin’s favorite number.

June 13, 13 BTS debut date

october 13 jimin birthday

Moon pattern from neck to wrist

seems to go on like this

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Well done with pretty and meaningful things

2. I’ve never thought of a tattoo on the back of my neck as pretty in my life, but it’s so pretty.

3. Jimin’s tattoos are just like him, he’s so cute

4. Young Forever tattoos on both forearms are so pretty

5. It goes so well with fair skin The location and design are perfect

6. Everything is really meaningful and so good ㅠㅠㅠㅠ In the meantime, every time I see my wrist 13, I remember running 13th place and it pops up often

7. It’s so cute and disturbing that it’s related to BTS… Cutie.

8. But they really all look like Park Jimin, they fit so well

9. But it looks like everything went well, not too much

10. They are all perfect and they are related to BTS so they suit him so well TTTT so pretty


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