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“He Is A Big Giver” Lee Seung Gi Donates 300 Million Won To KAIST, Knetz React

On February 1, the KAIST Development Foundation’s official website reported that Lee Seung Gi had pledged to make a donation to KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology). According to reports, Lee Seung Gi pledged to donate 300 million won ($244,010.58 USD) towards the advancement of science and technology, a fiercely competitive and quickly expanding sector in the nation.
On February 3, Lee Seung Gi is expected to be present at the KAIST development fund agreement ceremony.

After the situation involving the music settlement with his old label, Lee Seung Gi gave a total of 2.85 billion won ($2,319,828.18 USD).
Through his SNS, Lee Seung Gi made a commitment to donate the total quantity of money he received from Hook Entertainment on December 16, 2022.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Amazing.. there is no end to human greed and yet he’s of a different mindset. I support him

2. He will be free from hate until his death

3. 2.85 billion won in a month… That’s a huge amount to donate no matter how much extra money you have. He has my respect.

4. Even as a popular celebrity, this is still a lot of money. It should never be seen as regarded as something ordinary.

5. He is a person of character, a person deserving of respect. It doesn’t matter how much money anyone has, this is never an easy thing to do.

6. I genuinely wish for luck to follow him always

7. He’s an amazing person, that’s all I can say. Truly a strong person. I will continue to take an interest in his future career and show him my support. This whole scandal has caused me to become a fan.

8. It’s never an easy thing to share with others no matter how much more you have. It’s also not something that’s expected either. I don’t like or hate him but this scandal has taught me that he’s an amazing person through and through. Despite all the emotional suffering, I hope he’s able to brush it all off and enjoy a new year filled with good things.

9. He’s a big giver. It’s rare to see a celebrity like him just drop such large amounts at a time… It’s a difference in mindset.

10. Amazing… and not something that anyone can do! At such large amounts. He’s a celebrity deserving of respect.


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