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“He Is A Gangster” Park Min-young’s Boyfriend, Knetizens Gossip

Knetizens are gossiping again about Park Min Young relationship with her boyfriend, the mysterious rich man….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s just ugly, leaving a very bad impression

2. A lot of money like that, gangster-like guys are kind and sweet to the girl they like.

3. His expression is like that, but if you look closely, he’s a very handsome face.

4. No, Park Min-young, do you have any weaknesses? It’s not because of money.. Let’s earn enough money for Park Min-young as well. I.. he’s a gangster..

5. Looks like Korean

6. What in the world… No matter how rich you are… No but it’s not like Park Minyoung doesn’t have money either..

7. Can she really kiss him?
8. Why does he look like a phone seller type?
9. No but look at the kids who act with her, shouldn’t she have higher standards????! Seriously money is everything

10. Oh my God… no matter how much money you have.

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