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“He Is Tall, So It Suits Him Well” Knetz React To VIXX Leo’s Fashionable Coat

As described by VIXX Leo, “fashionable coat as if wearing a tablecloth at grandma’s house.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. But I actually have a tablecloth like that in my house

2. But he’s really tall… He’s tall, so it suits him well

3. But he still looks good

4. Isn’t it a tablecloth or a curtain?

5. Seriously, it reminds me of a tablecloth my grandmother had when I was a kid….

6. What is the fashion world?

7. It’s more like a curtain than a tablecloth

8. The people next to him are members too??

9. I think it suits him so well

10.I imagined the worst after seeing the title, but it was better than I thought


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