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“He Looks Sleepy”, Knetizens React To BTS Jimin Preview Photos On His Personal Photobook

Knetz are reacting to BTS Jimin as he reveals preview photos for his personal photobook..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The concept is crazy

2. It would be great if this was the concept for his solo album

3. Even if his solo album is released with this concept, the reactions will still be good

4. Jimin digests the concept well and it suits him well…

5. Wow the concept is really good

6. Crazy, I like stuff like this, look at his aura, he’s crazy

7. No, isn’t he a genius? He’s crazy

8. Wow the concept is so good, look at his aura

9. He looks sleepy

10. His gaze, facial expressions and posture are really good. Where can I buy this?


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