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‘Heart Signal 3’ cast members Seo Min Jae, Nam Tae Hyun drugs & hitting accusation – Knetizens React

The influencer, known for having appeared as a cast member on Channel A’s reality program ‘Heart Signal 3’, is also business partners with Nam Tae Hyun. The two co-own a cafe/bar in Itaewon.

On this day, Seo Min Jae shared a selca of her and Nam Tae Hyun and wrote, “Nam Tae Hyun does philopon (the brand name for methamphetamine in East Asian countries). His syringe is either in my room or in my office cabinet. He also hit me.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, in a post 10 months ago, the two of them open up a cafe or bar and do it together, but at that time, everyone was like, but what kind of relationship did the two really have?
2. Ha.. I thought it was really cool because I bought it at Heart Signal, so I cheered for it, but somehow

3. What I don’t understand is that there must be a lot of good people in the company and there are a lot of dashing people outside of the company. Why are you doing drugs with celebrities all of a sudden?

4. Please, I hope the truth comes out soon.. Some people are suspected of forced injection.

5. Why people around you are important

6. Seo Min-jae How come… I do volunteer work and my parents are also teachers

7. He was someone I admired, but what a shock. Were you threatened? Ha, it’s rude to speculate like this, but I hope the truth comes out soon

8. That’s Nam Tae-hyun, right? You’re a real man

9. Ha Minjae unnie, what happened.

10. Minjae Seo, what’s going on.


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