Heavy Flood Hit Seol Korea, Casualties ( Photos/Video) Knetz React: “We Gonna Be Fine Right?”

It used to be like this,

Bt now, all locked..

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. I’ve been living near Yangjaecheon since I was born, and when it rains so much here, it usually fills up that much ㅇㅇ I haven’t seen it overflow yet…

2. It’s not in that area, but Yangjaecheon is well submerged when it rains continuously in the summer.

3. Seocho and Yangjae are now in a backflow of water and chaos.. Barely got on the bus

4. I see it from the house, but it’s really walking and everything is submerged, so only the water is shaking…..

5. It’s like that every time it rains haha I’m really scared

6. Yangjaecheon always disappears next to the promenade when it rains… lol

7. Yangjaecheon A couple of months ago, during the rainy season, the benches, trails, and bridges all overturned and re-paved it for a while, but this time it’s all over again ㅠ

8. In the past, when it rained as much as the day of the Umyeonsan landslide, it rained so much that the pier of Yeongdong 2nd Bridge was invisible and it really filled the dam.

9. Hey, I’m already afraid of what will happen if I get out of the water.

10. I’m afraid of dogs, I might pass by without knowing


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