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“Her Eyes Are Twinkly” Knetz React To Winter’s Picture In Her 6th Grade

Knetizens are reacting to Winter’s look photo when she was in her grade 6


“Wow my friend just sent me an old picture wow…

I was in my 6th grade…”
She was already pretty when she was young

Knetizens Reactions:

1. For real, she was already pretty before but people are taking fucking ugly pictures of her and calling her plastic surgery monster this and that, I hate it

2. Wow she looks exactly the same way she did on her elementary school graduation picture. Her nose bridge was too pretty
3. Her eyes are twinkly why is she so cute
4. Winter during middle school

5. She was already pretty when she was young, but people are taking only pictures she looked weird on and edit them but never claim that these are edited, meanwhile, they only accuse her of editing pictures she looks good on. The inferiority complex bitches sure are funny

6. She used to be pretty, but I hate to see her spit out monstrous monsters with ugly photos

7. Wow, it’s the same as elementary school love

8. Have you changed since middle school?

9. She has a small face and she’s so pretty and she’s good at dancing, so she deserved to be cast in SM.

10. She was pretty since she was a baby


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