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“Her Front Teeth Looks Cute” Knetizens React To TWICE Nayeon’s Facial Expression

Knetz are praising the shape of Twice Nayeon’s face…. it looks solid and pretty…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Wow, a real human pop…looks so sweet

2. And like the picture, her forehead is so round and pretty.. The front clown has only merits. Charm that cannot be made with plastic surgery.

3. But the front clown is just cute and convex, so I’m envious

4. So, any hairstyle looks good on you.

5. It’s unusually beautiful, so I don’t get tired of it

6. She’s pretty and has a good personality.

7. The front teeth look so cute

8. It’s envy that only the front cheekbones came out beautifully without the side cheekbones.

9. There is only one front clown, but it comes up cutely

10. Refreshing


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