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“Her Love For Fans Is Really Great”, Knetizens React To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Fans Service

Knetz praises Blackpink Jennie for her fans service

Knetizens Reactions:

1. May you always be truly happy

2. Jennie is known for her good fan service, but this time around, she’s really fucking stupid.

3. The doll is cute and Jennie is cute too.

4. There is no difference in the size of the baby’s face

5. The bullshit is crazy.. V fan service was originally good, and Jenny did a good job of fan service too

6. Jennie’s love for her fans is really great

7. Really good for fans

8. I thought V and Jenny’s fan service got better, but I’m not the only one who felt it hahahaha

9. Jennie has always been good when she meets fans, but putting on a frame is disgusting

10. Seeing Jenny doll and laughing alone is so cute