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“Her Voice Is Getting Louder” Knetz Praises Rosé Live Singing Skills At The Concert

BLACKPINK Rosé’s live is seriously amazing

Her voice is loud and good. Her voice sounds luxurious and full of emotions

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She’s seriously pretty. I love her so much

2. I’m not a fan, but her voice and stage manners are really amazing

3. Her voice sounds like a pop star…

4. She’s a vocal genius

5. She’s good on the stage

6. Personally, until Rosé’s solo album came out last year, her body itself was very soft without muscles, but when I saw the album this time, she had some muscle in her thighs, so I thought she was working out hard. Damn it Ro

7. Where can I see the real Rosé review?

8. The atmosphere of the stage is also very good.

9. No, Rosé’s voice is getting louder. The tone was originally one-of-a-kind, but because of the stability of the voice, it’s a monster

10. It’s also a big vocal, I like it so much


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