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Here’s What HyunA Said in Regard to Her Interesting Reason for Refusing to Wear Makeup on Dates.

HyunA shares a fascinating yet wise justification for why she typically avoids wearing makeup on dating.

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HyunA Has This Interesting Reason for Skipping Makeup on Dates
The well-known discussion show My Alcohol Diary, also known as No Prepare and hosted by Lee Young Ji, recently unveiled a collection of previously unseen films featuring the guests from their earlier episodes.

In particular, a footage from HyunA’s guest appearance on August 19 that had not yet been released was shown. HyunA and Lee Young Ji had a good time while she was on the show at the time, simply chatting about a variety of subjects.

HyunA revealed that she actually doesn’t wear makeup when she goes on first dates before dating her now-fiancé Dawn – and she has an interesting reason why! At the time, the two were also discussing the advantages and disadvantages of wearing makeup.

HyunA (left) and Lee Young Ji (right)
HyunA initially questioned Lee Young Ji about the inspiration behind her attire for the program because the rapper usually dresses somewhat oddly. Lee Young Ji said that she was attempting to mimic the style of the song “Ping Pong” by HyunA and Dawn.

Lee Young Ji responds, “I don’t want to utilize my beauty to disturb them from making a correct decision, therefore I greet them without [wearing] makeup,” to the woman’s question regarding her attire even when a male guest arrives.

When HyunA hears this, she immediately concurs and expresses the same sentiments, especially when going on dates.

She stated: “Before meeting Dawn, I always do this when I date someone. Whenever I go on a first date, I never wear cosmetics “She would refuse to wear makeup even days after the date, she added.HyunA (left) and Lee Young Ji (right)
She goes on to explain why she feels this way, claiming that her date would be less impressed if she didn’t wear makeup and would eventually find her more attractive when she did.

HyunA (right) and Lee Young Ji (left) both stated, “I’ll appear even more lovely to him when I lower his expectations and demonstrate my beauty!” said HyunA.

Going without makeup on dates seems like a good idea, since it also allows you to determine whether the other person is actually interested in you.

Latest Activities of HyunA
In the meantime, HyunA and Dawn made their exit from P NATION official on August 29 after electing not to extend their contracts with the business.

On July 20 of this year, HyunA released her mini album “Nabillera” and its lead song, both of which bore the same name.

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