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“Hey, Son Yeon-jae Married” Knetz Love Son Yeonjae’s Wedding Dress On Her Wedding Day

Knetizens are surprised Son is Married are discussing about Son Yeon-jae’s wedding gown,

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Pretty, everything suits you

2. Is Son Yeon-jae Married?

3. I thought it was just a magazine concept pic, but it turned out to be a steamy wedding photo

4. Oh my gosh, she’s still get a baby face, but she’s getting married

5. It’s pretty, especially the black suit

6. Hey Son Yeon-jae is Married??? May you live happily ever after!!! all the dresses fit so well

7. The dress bouquet Son Yeon-jae is so pretty

8. Live happily, congratulations

9. The shoulder line is really great.

10. It’s much prettier with your hair up neatly


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