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“His Appearance Is Reversed” Knetizens React To BTS V Instagram Update

Knetz are divided over BTS V update on the Instagram… see Reactions below

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Don’t cut your hair, straighten your forehead

2. It’s true that V is handsome, but why are there so many buzzwords in the current version?

3. I’m honestly interested in V, and his puppy is so cute, so I’m looking for it

4. Aww, it’s great, just looking at it makes me feel good

5. Jenny Cropped next to him

6. It would have been perfect if Jennie is included

7. Why are you criticizing someone else’s boyfriend about how handsome he is??

8. His appearance is also reversed, his personality and personality are not good, so his appearance is gradually showing his face

9. Why do you hate bulletproof so much?

10. What did you and Jenny did on the weekend?


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