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“His Facial Features Are Dark” Knetizens React To V Vogue Pictorial

Knetz are reacting to BTS Kim Taehyung Vogue photos

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’m tempted to buy

2. Skin looks so good

3. I really like V’s atmosphere, the interview is also clear The more I know about V, the better it gets

4. You’re so damn handsome.. Oh honestly, you’re really good

5. I already saved it in my photo album, so that I can see it again~ My baby is cute and pretty~ 💜

6. The unique atmosphere was well preserved

7. Cute, handsome, sexy, and all… It looks like there is no need to try hard to come out well

8. This is why I can’t leave, you idiot….I really love you

9. His facial features are dark, but it’s so strange that he still has a boyish look. The atmosphere of the pictorial is perfect.

10. Each photo has a completely different feeling, but each one is very attractive, He was masculine and pretty


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