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“His Skills Is Better Than V’s” Stray Kids Hyunjin Beats BTS V In China Knetz React

Hyunjin beats V in album sales in China
ARMYs say that it’s hard for male idols to change generation because of BTS, but the generational change is happening overseas

Knetizens Reactions:

1. You have to look at the price, not the number of albums, the price of the album is twice the difference.

2. Hyunjin’s skills are definitely better than V’s.

3. Who the hell is Hyunjin like this every day?

4. Hyunjin will never appear in Korea as long as he is tagged as a bully.

5. Do you really think Hyunjin’s personal popularity is greater than that of BTS members?

6. That’s why I hate HYBE. They only make expensive albums

7. But the price of BTS albums is twice as expensive

8. You are comparing it to BTS’s old sales, which was blocked by the bulk purchasing ban in China 2-3 years ago

9. I think you guys really have nothing to say after seeing this

10. You have to look at the price, not the quantity of the album, the album price is double the difference


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