Honest Review: BLACKPINK Pink Venom Is Very Disappointing

After so much wait and anticipation BLACKPINK finally released their comeback single Pink Venom which has been massively promoted with so much hype which would have been okay if the music lived up to expectations.

I mean let’s be honest, it’s a comeback single after two years of hiatus it should have been ‘up there’ when it comes to quality, this song was not as good as their previous singles, the chorus is not as catchy as their other major hits, the beat wasn’t so special, and the lyrics were predictable. I mean can Blinks really say this song is as good as Lets Kill This Love, or How You Like That and etc.

The visuals are great though but it was a little bit of let down, i mean i am more of a BTS fan but i tend to enjoy some Blackpink hits sometimes but the hype for this project does not match the delivery.


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