How Could YG’s Rookie Girl Group Be This Perfect? No, Knetz Reacts

Are you sending out all the pretty and talented girls you already had? If you look at the photos or dance video and vocal video of the kids who are known as yg trainees, there are quite a few girls with pretty faces, and there are quite a few guys who dance well and sing well, but they are all gone now.. What the hell, how perfect are you going to get these guys out…? I’m kinda looking forward to it

K-Netizens Reactions below:

1. 2NE1 is a group that connects with Blackpink… I’m really looking forward to it. I’m yg, so I’ll do a good job of pushing it.

2. It’s a junior group from BLACKPINK, of course they’re trying to grow it bigger.

3. I keep talking about Treasure Treasure in the comments saying that Treasure didn’t do as much hit song as WINNER ICON BLACKPINK, but if you find out, it’s just that, after being out of the two, there’s a group of 12 people.

4. I heard that Teddy is in charge of the production of BLACKPINK, the other fan who likes to listen to BLACKPINK’s songs, and that the rookie group OiYi isn’t in charge of Teddy.. BLACKPINK members also want to continue promoting and singing. seems to be negative. So this rookie seems to be a complete hip-hop concept…

5. It’s not that I’m trying to be perfect, the owner is so busy that I’m still on trial. Thanks to that, I took a break from all my idols last year except for solo activities, but there’s no time for a rookie to debut.

6. Even if we debut, doesn’t it take a long time to comeback like Blackpink

7. YG is definitely going to be pushed back and down since debut, so next year I’ll do it anyway.

8. If you look at the kids coming out these days, it seems that BLACKPINK is really pretty and has good skills.

9. Yg rookie rookie is going to be ruined… Since Treasure, the energy of the mang has been rising, but now it’s just.. there seems to be no person who can beat the 4th generation right now.

10. Starting from the end of this year, Blackpink will be turning around and debuting as a rookie in the first half of next year.


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