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How Popular Was Girl’s Generation? (Knetz)

The era of not knowing SNSD’s popularity is coming. It’s been said that SNSD were really fantastic during the Gee-Genie promotions. Are they currently similar to Twice? SNSD’s Gee, Genie, etc. at that time, they beat all the boy groups. A girl group, SNSD, was chewing on them. Actually, Twice and RV are top girl groups right now, but they can’t defeat groups like EXO and BTS. However, in SNSD’s prime time, they were able to eat boy groups alive. They’re at least a few times bigger than Twice. Even the moment Twice debuted, SNSD
So, the age that is unfamiliar with SNSD has arrived… They were incredible, yet they never did any advertising.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I liked other girl groups more at that time, but I think Girls’ Generation is only Girls’ Generation.

2. The first girl group to receive the grand prize for music albums

3. One Girl One idol group is one of the top idol groups in America.

4. The beautification is too harsh.. Even Soshi couldn’t beat Big Bang Dongbang… ;;;;; Go there on purpose…

5. The fact that the children suffering from Jung Byeong remain until now is proof that the past is not a glorification

6. Girls’ Generation was very popular.

7. The era has come when you don’t know the popularity of Soshi ㅠㅠ What are the bullshit things in the comments here? Soshi is the real history of female groups. No. 1 for 9 weeks in a row, receiving a lot of grand prizes, the popularity was the best, and it’s still the best lol

8. Soshi Jeong is still the same; Girls’ Generation is just a group like this. It’s hard to come out again.

9. If i just turned on the broadcast, Girls’ Generation continued to appear, but there was no broadcast that didn’t show We Got Married.

10. Ganmem awareness or group achievements or Girls’ Generation legend hahaha


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