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However, Female Idols Are Much More Public Friendly, So Why Is Their Concert Scale So Different? Knetizens React

Knetz discussing why fans like female idols and their concert scale different..

Just looking at the big room, it seems that there are a lot more people who like female idols, and in real life…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Popularity and ticket power are two different things

2. Spending money is what the fandom does

3. The public doesn’t buy albums and don’t go to concerts

4. Money is spent only by the fans

5. Ticket power and popularity are a little different. The general public rarely goes to concerts for 12-20. I don’t buy albums very often.

6. Most of them go to the fandom… That’s why it’s great when you can feel the power of the female idol’s fandom.

7. The public and the fandom are different

8. It’s different from just liking and listening to songs and paying money to go there… It has to be worth it, so it’s hard to have ticket power.

9. There is no reason to pay more than 100,000 won and listen to a few popular songs.

10. I’m a fan of idols and I don’t understand why I personally do things like this, so I’ve never spent money on such a place…


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