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Hwa Sa Of MAMAMOO Discusses The Daily Activities She Finds Challenging Due To Her Long Nails.

Viewers got to see the second half of MAMAMOO’s exhilarating trip with WINNER’s Song Min Ho, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, and Eun Ji Won on this week’s episode of “Things That Make Me Groove” season 2. The cast members had the opportunity to spend time getting to know each MAMAMOO member.

Song Min Ho inquired about the extraordinary mukbang of Hwa Sa “It was really original. You had these absurdly long nails and were eating gopchang. Isn’t having such long nails occasionally uncomfortable?”

Moon Byul intervened and responded, “We are obligated to always take care of her. like closing the zippers on her pants.” “Can’t you just trim the thumbs and the forefingers, the ones we use the most?” Eun Ji Won asked. How can you even wash your face, Song Min Ho remarked.

Hwa Sa, though, chuckled and said, “Washing my face is not a problem for me. Daily chores like buttoning a shirt or opening a beverage can can be challenging. However, I still desire these nails.”

Below, you can see MAMAMOO, part two of season 2’s “Things That Make Me Groove.”.

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