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Hwanhee from UP10TION tests positive for COVID-19

Hwanhee, a member of UP10TION, tested positive for COVID-19.

Hwanhee was identified as having COVID-19 in an official announcement issued by TOP Media, the group’s management company, on October 15.

The following is a statement from TOP Media:


We are TOP Media.

UP10TION’s Hwanhee’s COVID-19 positivity was confirmed on the 15th (today).

In preparation for today’s schedule, Hwanhee received a fast antigen test at the hospital for sore throat symptoms, and the results were finally verified positive.

After completing the third COVID-19 vaccination, Hwanhee will stop all activities and follow the authorities’ instructions for self-isolation and home treatment.

At 0:00 on the 21st, Hwanhee is set to be released from quarantine (Friday). Hwanhee won’t be participating in the schedule for UP10TION this week as a result.

We especially want to express our sincere regrets to the fans who attended the fan signing event today. We will let you know about the fan signing event later via personal notices.

The artist’s health and safety will come first as we work to cure and restore Hwanhee.

I’m grateful.”

I hope Hwanhee recovers quickly.

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