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HYBE Is Criticized For Excessively Altering BTS Photographs

HYBE, a South Korean music event management and production company, and one of its subsidiaries, Big Hit Music agency, represent one of the most influential K-Pop groups, BTS, for which it is presently under fire for excessive photo editing.

Recently, the K-Pop boy group celebrated its 10th debut anniversary, and to commemorate this momentous occasion, the group’s members surprised their admirers by announcing the publication of a book titled “Beyond the Story: 10-Years Record of BTS,” a long-awaited endeavor.

Despite the fact that this release thrilled the entire ARMY team, some members were unable to let go of the company’s overly edited photos. The cover image of the South Korean septet’s book has received numerous complaints on social media that they appear to be too white.
Due to this, HYBE is under fire during the publication of their eagerly anticipated book. In addition, since their inception, idols have been responsible for sharing unedited photographs displaying their natural skin tones, and they have advocated for self-love.

On social media, many BTS fans have responded to the agency’s post of the cover photo on the group’s official account by requesting that the agency stop bleaching the boys’ skin in their edits and reveal their natural skin tones.

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