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Hybe Will Release 4 Groups In 2023, While BTS Contracts Are Anticipated To End In 2024

Concerned about the enlistment of BTS members, Hybe wrote a letter to shareholders. The short-term plans for some of the BTS members’ individual activities extend into the first half of 2019. Investors’ concerns regarding Hybe’s potential expansion are known to them.The BTS members’ contracts expire in 2024, and new members are expected to join in 2022 and 2023, thus the company needs to find new revenue streams to ensure its survival in the market. Korean reports claim that BTS’s contracts were extended in 2018 and now run through 2024. Hopefully, the BTS members’ contracts will be extended in 2024.Hybe has long been preparing for the (absence of BTS). Hybe will launch four or more teams in 2023, including ones in the US and Japan. Mid- to long-term, Hybe will keep creating music and launching new artists using the multi-label approach.All of the BIG4 businesses intend to introduce new teams, according to the leaked blueprints. Hybe’s plans are the most extensive.At the end of 2022, the male group &TEAM, which was born out of a survival show, will make its Japanese debut.

Big Hit’s sole boy group in training, Trainee A, is scheduled to make its debut in 2023.

In 2023, KOZ Entertainment, the business Zico founded (which is currently under Hybe), will likewise have a boy band debut.
In the same year, 2023, UMG will make a girl group debut in the US with Hybe’s assistance.
In 2023, Pledis’ new boy band will make their debut.

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