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Hyo-Joo Han I Put A Lot Of Effort Into Tranning And Developing My Exquisite Muscles.

Han Hyo-joo, an actress, radiates her aura.
The Cosmopolitan fashion magazine’s November issue featured a cover designed by Han Hyo-joo.

Han Hyo-joo was praised by the crew at the filming location, which was held in association with the Max Mara brand, for exuding the presence of an actress with her passionate eyes and graceful, exquisite poses.Han Hyo-joo responded confidently when questioned about her current condition, “I’m flying all over the country to film ‘Believer 2’. To portray the tough character “Keunkal,” I worked hard to show off my lean muscles and tanned. a sentiment similar to “strong on the surface and stronger inside.”

She set high standards for her next work by stating that it would be very different from Han Hyo-previous joo’s work. On set, not even the veteran actors can identify me. While monitoring, it’s entertaining to see a face I’ve never seen before.

Han Hyo-joo shared her delight about acting in the drama “Dominant Species,” written by Lee Soo-yeon, in the interview that followed. Throughout the two hours I spent meeting with the writer, I frequently experienced tingling and chills. I predict that an extremely compelling drama will air. My job is like an onion-shaped CEO. It’s incredible.Along with her upcoming projects, Han Hyo-joo has portrayed strong characters in films like “Happiness” and “The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure” as well as the commander of a pirate ship. I enjoyed the parts I played in my 20s, but I’m becoming more and more action-oriented, she admitted.

She displayed the challenger’s side by saying, “Challenges are really important to me. I’ll keep pushing myself to learn new things.

Han Hyo-joo has wrapped up production for the Disney+ series “Moving” and the film “Believer 2.” She is going to begin filming “Dominant Species,” a new drama by Lee Soo-yeon.

From October 22nd, 2022, bookstores countrywide will sell the November issue of Cosmopolitan, which has Han Hyo-cover. joo’s Additionally, it is accessible on Instagram and the website of Cosmopolitan Korea.

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